Swift on tour


Swift kicked off preseason by spending a long time on a mini bus venturing down to Englandshire, a few hours playing frisbee and then a long time venturing home again. Gave us a chance to play as a team and try out everything we have been doing in training. Plus we won the mini-tournament too so bonus. And got to try out our dinosaur poses. Thanks to the Manchester Ultimate for organising it and Leeds and Relentless for playing also.

Swift @Damme Slamme 2013


A team of seven of us travelled down from Aberdeen/Dundee/Edinburgh/Penrith and Manchester to compete at Damme Slamme this weekend.

Before I talk how the team did I must talk first about the wonderful tournament itself. It was organised by Tom Styles along with the Flyght Club ladies and hit the balance between fun and competition perfectly! Every point was hard fought, every team wanted the victory but everyone played with a smile of their face and danced along to the music the whole way through!

The Saturday was a normal 16 team tournament and Swift finished fourth! The first three teams were a mix of Iceni, Leeds, Bristol and Syc players with countless GB ladies on them so we were okay losing to them!! The Swift team that we sent down have not really played together, especially indoors, all that much but apparently we looked like we had been training hard for the tournament – and I must admit that at several points our offense looked simply beautiful. We realised that we looked drilled because we all know the same weave system that we learnt at university. Every single player on the team played their socks off on Saturday and all owed to our high finish but a special shout out goes to Pamela Knudsen (aka CallaghPam) who won MVP.

The Sunday was a hat tournament, with each team having a GB playing/super experienced/super awesome captain! Another thanks must go to all the captains and especially Jenna Thomson who wrangled them all into doing it. The focus was very must on learning and having fun, but again every single point of every game was competitive. And we had three swift players in the semi-finals (2 making it to the final.) Also I must note that by the end of the day most of the teams were running a similar offence (ISO and weave) to the offence Swift ran on Saturday.

I think you can see by the amount of exclamation marks in this write up that I absolutely loved this tournament – it was the best indoor tournament I have ever been to (and I do not give that accolade lightly.) I really recommend that if this is run again next year you all try and come along – you will not regret it. It was more than worth the 9 hour drive down! Tom mentioned that they may try and run an outdoor Damme Slamme in the new year, and if they do we will be entering a team so if you feel like you missed out – which you did 😉 – then you won’t have to wait long!

 Hannah 🙂

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